Chemical peels calcium chloride

This method of purification and rejuvenation of oily, combination and normal skin requires special care and only under this condition gives an amazing home for a relatively simple procedure result.

To start peeling test is in closed areas of the body with fatty or just dirty skin, for example, on the back, chest or shoulders, and only then move on the skin.

In any case, for very dry, sensitive, prone to redness and skin rash it will not work. Also, do not use this method on damaged or inflamed skin.

When combined with dry skin peeling patches should only do so on the T-zone.

For exfoliation, you'll need a calcium chloride solution (calcium chloride) at a concentration of 5-10%. For a start it is better to use the five-percent solution or dilute ten percent saline solution or plain water.

Calcium chloride is usually freely available in pharmacies in ampoules or bottles. Better solution is to buy bottled, as at the opening of vials of a risk cut his hand, or pieces of glass may get into a usable solution and greatly injure the skin.

You will also need a normal baby soap, you can with the herbs.

Moisten a cotton swab or cosmetic disc in solution of calcium chloride, gently squeeze and apply the solution on your skin, let dry completely, then repeat the process 4-8 times (to start better than 4).

Calcium chloride should not be greatly pinching or even burn intact skin, if it happens - immediately rinse solution baby soap and plenty of warm water.

When the last layer is completely dry, soap slightly damp fingertips baby soap and gently begin to roll solution. Should be formed on the skin soap flakes.

Continue to gently massage the face from time to time as necessary, re-wetting in water and lathering his fingers and giving special attention to areas with contaminated skin with fine surface wrinkles. You will feel like soap pellets literally rolled upper stratum corneum of the skin.

If desired, and due diligence can be a little massage and skin around the eyes to roll up the mesh of wrinkles on the border of the eyelids and cheeks.

Again: very badly burned in any case should not! If this happens, then you are too overzealous and it's time to stop.

When the skin begins to "creak" and soap easily roll off the surface, rinse lather with warm water.

After peeling the skin is inflamed and dehydrated, so it's best to be prepared in advance soothing and anti-inflammatory mask, blend, for example, chamomile infusion with banana and oatmeal gruel finely.

Chamomile can be used instead of sage, mint and calendula.

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Mask of wrinkles on the forehead

This mask-dressing to reduce the depth of facial wrinkles and help to break the habit of constantly wrinkle his brow.

Need for a mask

One quarter of a teaspoon of Epsom salts from the pharmacy,

1 tablespoon of glycerin,

1 teaspoon of 10% menthol or menthol oil,

1 tablespoon boiling water


Elastic bandage.

Preparation and use

Mix all the ingredients until smooth mask.

Then soak in the resulting structure composed of several layers of cheesecloth or a large bandage on his forehead tightly secure with an elastic bandage or any other fairly tight bandage.

Course masks

Use the mask every day and keep at least an hour, trying to relax the muscles of the face and not wrinkle his brow.

This mask will also help get rid of the so-called tension headache caused by a habit to keep in suspense the forehead and eyes.

. . . . . .

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Ripe banana Cover for Oily Skin


More simple express mask, nourishing a face, tightens pores and eliminates shine. Also has a bleaching capacity.

Mix up a paste of 0.5 a ripe banana and half a teaspoonful of recent lemon breeding juice.

Apply a cover to polish damp skin for 15-20 min, then rinse with cool water and rinse with coldness water.

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Cover of skin wrinkles with pomelo


Clean two slices of pomelo peel and seeds and mix them in a blender or coffee grinder.

Append the weight of 2-3 drops of pomelo oil decision of vitamin A (accessible at pharmacies), 1 spoon sour fluid and 1 tablespoon spoonful of rice or any other meal. All taschatelno blend.

Keep a cover of wrinkles for 15-20 min, then remove with a cotton swab dipped in pomelo breeding juice. So wash out with soft water and use to a skin fluid.

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Tomato mask

Clean the tomatoes from the skin and mash with a fork until mushy state.

Add to the resulting mass of fluffy foam-boiled egg whites and mix everything carefully.

Thickeners mask oatmeal or oat flakes.

Keep the mask for 15-20 minutes, keeping fully harden.

Rinse with warm water and rinse holodnoy. Pri required, apply the cream.

. . . . .

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Restorative Cover for Oily Facial skin


Four toning mask for female skin, easy to make and to use.

Curds and sol cover

Blend 1 spoon of milk yoghurt with a tsp. Of medium or small desk or sea salt.

Keep the mask 20 minutes, so rinse with heartwarming water and rinse with cold-blooded water.

Course - 2-3 covers a week for 1-2 weeks.

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