Lifting Mask

A blend of essential oils is very difficult here. If we can not collect all, do not worry, use the ones that are. And do not forget that the esters may cause a severe allergic reaction, so if your skin is prone to allergies, it is better not to make a mask.

The mask

1 egg yolk;

1 tbsp. Teaspoon of jojoba oil;

1 tbsp. Spoon white or pink clay;

1 r essential oil of rose;

One because the essential oil of neroli;

One because the essential oil limetta;

One because the essential oil of fennel.

Preparation and use masks

First mix the clay with the yolk and the base oil (jojoba oil can replace any vegetable: olive, peach, almond...). Then add a blend of essential oils.

Apply the mask to thoroughly cleansed face, neck and chest. Be sure not to cause skin sagging under the weight of clay, lay down.

Keep the mask for 20-25 minutes, then rinse with warm water, rinse your face with cool.

Course masks

Two days in a month.



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