Pharmacy online means of skin wrinkles


Solcoseryl, dimexide, Lioton, Curiosin, Blefarogel 1 - is not to present a range of a nearest pharmacy, it means that our dear internet ladies use to disperse a skin wrinkles on the skin and significantly save on Botox and mesotherapy.

Of course, all this is done at the own risk and entirely at the own risk, and do not forget to read a instructions and these promising tube and closely examine the item on contraindications, also extremely not prevent the 24-hour test for allergies, especially in the 1st formula. As, a test for allergies never over does not happen.

Eva Nature, the Israeli cosmetics online store, offers a great selection of anti-aging and moisturizing items for women and men. Most popular cosmetic brands, promotions and sales, a 10% discount on first order.

Solkoseril plus dimexide - Say no to Botox!

Clean out the face of makeup and special means neutral Carefully wash gel or soap. Dilute dimexide boiled aqua at placement temperature at a ratio of 1:10 (1 part Dimexidum and 10 parts h2o).

Apply a ready resolution to the facial skin with a cotton swab complete a thick layer of grease solkoseril (consummate to use a ointment, however a gel can strongly pull the skin). Leave this kind of cover on skin for 20-60 min, occasionally wetting the boiled aqua to prevent Solkoserilu very dry. Then nicely wash out, use a neutral hypoallergenic skin serum or gel, and go to bed.

Ardent fans of a pharmaceutical technique of anti-aging demand that is not the following first you provided botox-similar effect and is non-traumatic mesotherapy.

Among other items, in the configuration of Solcoseryl same ointment our dear ladies online courses are often used instead of a night cream, and even cause the skin around the eyes.

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