Skin mask with raspberries and white clay


Here we are invited to combine the raspberries with a grapefruit juice and then approximately little things to append. How a effect, of the the full course of covers should have a smooth and elastic skin. Check?

The cover for a face

0.5 cups of cherry.

2 spoon spoonful kaolin (white clay).

1 spoon spoonful of fluid honey.

1 egg white (if the skin is prone to fat) or 1 chicken egg (if face is very dry.)

1 tsp. Good lemon juice.

A apply of white clay is not essence. Any suitable fit for a skin cosmetic clay from a pharmacy.

Preparation and treatment of a face cover

Whisk in cool white foam, gradually adding natural honey or bruise yolks with honey.

So add all the other components of a face mask.

Apply a mask finished the polish and slightly damp facial skin and, if required, cleavage.

Hold for 20-30 minutes. Rinse with hot aqua, rinse with cool skin.

Course masks

3-4 times for 1 to 2 months.

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