Face mask with caviar


This mask is loved by a lot of Hollywood stars for its effectiveness and even any elitism. Following the mask is recent fresh fish roe.

A fish, so, can be any, not necessarily the "star" of sorts. Most importantly, a crab was fresh.

For doing masks, but 1 teaspoonful of caviar will require 1 soup spoon Spoonful any oil, preferably olive or almond.

Butter and egg should bruise to a polish paste and let stand about a quarter of an hour.

So add half of the mask of egg yolk.

All recently fine mixed and applied to the face and neck skin.

Time of a cover - Thirty minutes. Then attentively remove a excess with a gentle cotton swab or paper jack-towel on the massotherapy lines.

Good eggs can be replaced with a small loss of efficiency masks salted.

This cover is suitable for all skin types.

If a face is too dry, do not add oil to the cover, and a yolk will be complete to replace a slightly beaten eggs.

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